A Typical Day

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A Typical Day

Activity time for the EYFS curriculum.

Tea time.

We return to the garden for more physical play.

We go into the garden with the children for outside activities.

Everyone sits down to a nutritious and tasty lunch.

The concluding session of the day in which we give children opportunities to encourage independence, as well as personal and social development. As parents arrive, we give them informal feedback on their child's activities during the day.

We work with the
children to help them stretch their imaginations with creative activities, stories
and singing.

The children take part in practical activities in order to develop their creative skills and their understanding of the world.

Pre-school closes for the day.

Daily topic-related activities are chosen from the wide resources including:


Mark making

Outdoor play

Imaginary play

Science and Investigation

Music and movement

Art and Craft

Sand and water


Construction building

Computer and technology

Weekly Activities

 All areas of the curriculum are covered by our activities every day, often with a particular focus on one of them.

Because we recognise that young children do not learn in tidy subjects, we believe that the most effective way of learning is through a topic. Each topic is carefully planned to cover all the six areas of learning. Recent examples include Water, Winter Animals and Celebrations.

Throughout the year, activities are linked with special days, such as Christmas, Easter, Mothering Sunday and Bonfire Night. We also celebrate festivals from other countries and cultures, like the Chinese New Year, giving the children an opportunity to learn about other cultures and even to cook the food they eat. Close observation and knowledge of the children means that we can tailor activities to meet the needs of each and every different child.