Monitoring Progress

As a Norto5 parent you can expect various reports on your child’s progress. The main one is the ongoing Learning Journal, but we also provide a variety of other regular formal and informal feedback to you. Keeping regular written reports of each child’s activities and progress and sharing these with the parent, we can identify each child’s needs and what learning activities should be available to them.

Learning Journal

Every child at Norto5 has a Learning Journal, covering every aspect of his/her intellectual, physical and social development. Records of Achievement are updated every four to six weeks, giving staff the opportunity to gear activities to the needs and abilities of individual children. Learning Journals are always available for parents to look at.

The Learning Journal highlights various milestones in a child’s development. It gives staff as well as parents the opportunity to chart the progress of a child as well as helping to identify any area where further support may be required.

Typical milestone events for pre-school children include:

  • Taking turns in a group activity.
  • Making up stories and imaginary situations.
  • Playing with and working with numbers up to 10.
  • Describing shapes.
  • Controlling a computer mouse.
  • Using scissors.
  • Identifying instruments by their sound.
  • Entering into dialogue about their own creations.

Daily logs of activities and other information is made available to parents, highlighting things their child did during the day. Detailed observations are carried out on each child, watching in detail as they carry out an activity and noting down everything they do. Informal observations are carried out on a daily basis.

Parent evenings are held 2/3 times a year where general aspects of Norto5 will be discussed and parents will have an opportunity to sit down and discuss the progress of their children.